Flexographic tail-end printer
for integration in paper sack tubers

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Product information

FLEXA 820 - The versatile customized end printer for your tuber

Geared to meet the requirements of the multiwall market, the modular FLEXA 820 in-line printer is the ideal machine for both simple cement bag imprints as well as more colorful designs, while at the same time allowing for anti-slip finish of the material. The FLEXA 820 is the economical solution for inline prints with up to four colors especially designed for W&H tubers.

Technical Data


 FLEXA 820
Color decksmax. 4
Printing width1320 / 1570 mm
(52" / 62" )
Repeat length450 - 1500 mm
(18" / 59")
Press speed350 m/min (1150 ft/min)

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