With our knowledge and our solutions, we contribute to the sustainable development of flexible packaging.

As a family business, we assume responsibility and act sustainably: economically, ecologically and socially. We have made this promise in our mission statement, the DNA of our company. We are convinced that profitability and sustainability go hand in hand when it comes to positive innovation. With our knowledge and solutions, we contribute to the sustainable development of flexible packaging.

The future of flexible packaging: a Circular Economy

The positive characteristics of flexible packaging, such as its durability and performance, become a particular problem at the end of its life cycle. If disposed of improperly, flexible packaging contributes to the littering of oceans and landfills.

We are convinced that the flexible packaging of the future must follow a circular economy. This is why we have joined CEFLEX, a European initiative with partners from the entire flexible apckaging value chain. Together, we are committed to ensuring that 100% of all flexible packaging in Europe is collected by 2025 and that 80% is recycled as re-granulate.

Say Hi to The Circular Economy - at K 2019

At K2019 we will show new ways to produce sustainable products - from mono-material recipes to the use of recycled resins and more.

K 2019

The world of flexible packaging

W&H is at home in the world of flexible packaging: Made of film, wovens and paper. Our customers all around the world use our machines to produce pouches, bags and sacks for example for the protection of food and hygiene articles or to secure goods during transportation. By advancing our machinery to produce flexible packaging more efficiently, we contribute to making it more sustainable.

Produce flexible packaging more efficiently

Over 90% of the world's paper-cement sacks are produced on W&H machines - resource saving technologies like digital pasting contribute to more sustainability.

Digital Pasting

Flexible packaging serves important purposes

Flexible packaging performs important functions in our modern world. More efficiently than any other packaging material, flexible packaging

  • protects food,
  • ensures save goods transportation
  • protects medicines from counterfeiting and contamination
We are strengthening these positive properties of flexible packaging with new technologies.

Flexible PAckaging helps to save food

A few grams of flexible packaging can multiply the shelf life of food. Food loss also has a huge impact on Co2-emissions. If “Food Loss” were a country, it would be the third largest originator of greenhouse gas. That is why we are part of the Save Food initiative of the UN.

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