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EASY2 Change and Other Highlights from K 2022

Did you miss K 2022 or need a recap? No problem! Read highlights below and follow links for more details about all of the products and technologies showcased at the show.

EASY2 Change - Autopilot to Success

The EASY2 Change automation system was the main W&H attraction at K 2022. Running live demos three times daily, EASY2 Change showed job changeovers, with just one operator, all in under 10 minutes.

What makes EASY2 Change different?

To start with, the system offers clear guidance, and sophisticated automation that together simplify the process for the operator. The intuitive dashboard not only guides the machine operator through every step of a changeover, but also provides complete transparency and control throughout the process.

Using innovative technology, the bubble shape, stability, and the frost line are all visible on the dashboard. This visual aid assists the operator, quickly bringing the bubble to the perfect shape to produce top quality and reproducible films.

The integrated automation systems include the ARCTIS II air ring, along with features from EASY Change, EASY Wind, TURBOCLEAN and Profile Booster. With so much automation, the number of clicks required by an operator are reduced by 70%. This translates into job changes being twice as fast.

More Details about EASY2 Change

RUBY GAIN for Extrusion

RUBY Gain is an extension to RUBY GO, the IoT system from W&H, designed specifically to run on W&H extrusion lines. Gain monitors production on every machine, giving real-time alerts that help you that help you increase film quality, improve efficiency and avoid producing scrap. But it doesn’t stop there. Gain analyzes your film structures and suggests parameters based on past jobs, W&H process know how and proven data analytics. This information gives insights to operators on the floor as well as quality managers in the office.

Find out more about RUBY Gain

Mobile Production Monitoring

Follow your production on the go from wherever you are with the new RUBY APP.

New Sustainability Report

Read our First Sustainability Report

Defining our actions as a sustainable partner - Environment, Social and Governance


W&H at K 2022 - GET IN THE LOOP

Efficient Production - Digitization - Circular Economy

New applications for the circular economy. Resource-saving technologies. User-friendly automations. More transparency using data intelligence. Live show at the booth and EXPO at headquarters. And most importantly: time for personal conversations.

W&H at K