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Thailand's Wangpack Boosts Productivity with Turbostart

“One operator and 10 minutes is all it takes to stop and start the VAREX II with TURBOSTART.” resumes Supachot Wangchinda, owner of Wangpack Thailand. “Job changes came down from 40 minutes to 12 minutes using TURBOCLEAN. Investing in these two technologies was the right choice.”

Wangpack’s Management from left to right of photo: Mrs.Ladawan Wangchinda (Director), Mr.Sawat Wangchinda (Company Founder), Mr.Supachot Wangchinda (Director)

With their first VAREX II, Wangpack is a new customer for W&H. Recently Wangpack celebrated their 50th anniversary - founded in 1969 - and now having an annual capacity of more than 10,000 tons.

The VAREX II was installed and serviced by W&H´s Hub Asia Pacific. A well-established local service engineer team installed without interruptions - even during the COVID 19 situation. Since then, Wangpack has also experienced enhanced trust from their customers on quality and reliability. W&H feels that Wangpack´s satisfaction on their new VAREX II and the TURBOSTART is part of this anniversary.

Aligned with their company philosophy , Wangpack desired W&H´s unique VAREX II with latest automation modules. TURBOSTART and TURBOCLEAN making sure job changes are fast and very easy are ideal for short run jobs. Wangpack has seen Turboclean first time at K 2016 and Turbostart at K 2019. Now at Wangpack´s factory these two modules perform exactly the same to what Wangpack´s team has seen from both K Exhibition.

One real live example: When stopping or starting a machine, Wangpack only need 1 operator to start production on W&H´s VAREX II using TURBOSTART, while on other machines Wangpack still requires 3 operators. For instance any production interruption e.g. by power failure, W&H´s VAREX II with Turbostart module can be handled by one operator only who can start the production in a very short time.

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