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North American Mobile Offices Installations on Schedule

Mobile offices have been set up as designated W&H technician workspaces at installation sites in the U.S. to improve safety, make social distancing easier and curb the spread of Coronavirus.

COVID-19 has created challenges to companies worldwide that have called for flexibility, quick thinking and creativity. For W&H in North America, the challenge was how to keep employees safe, inhibit the spread of this highly contagious virus and stay on schedule for the record-breaking number of machine installations still to be completed this calendar year.

In April, mobile offices with built-in workspaces and bathrooms started being placed at installation sites in the United States. “Having a separate space for our employees that minimizes intermingling is a solution that we believe will provide our techs with a safer work environment and also make our customers feel more comfortable about having people from outside their companies in their plants,” said Andrew Wheeler, President of W&H in North America.

Safety measures also include cordoning off the installation area so only workers involved with the install can enter. In addition, when customers’ contractors need to work on the machine, W&H techs have a safe and isolated place to work or take a break. Wheeler added, “A lot of our customers are experiencing an increase in demand and need their new presses or extrusion lines. We have dozens still to install this year and believe safety measures such as these will keep us on schedule.”