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Small, compact, fast - the new MIRAFLEX II Single-Port

The new compact MIRAFLEX II Single-Port flexographic printing press is ideal for smaller production spaces. With its face-to-face winder configuration, there is only one central loading and unloading area for the winder. The resulting shorter operator and web paths ensure faster job changes and less waste. A further advantage is that the Single-Port can also be upgraded quickly and easily with an inline flexo or gravure application at a later date.

The MIRAFLEX II product family has grown with the new compact MIRAFLEX II Single-Port. The face-to-face winder configuration of the Single-Port version measures 14 meters in length and is roughly 4 meters shorter than the Dual-Port design: "In contrast to the Dual-Port, we now have central loading and unloading for two winders. This significantly reduces the overall roll processing time and saves our customers time because both winders can be operated simultaneously by just one operator," says Markus Bauschulte, Technical Sales Director Business Unit Printing and Finishing at W&H. In addition to the operator paths, the web path of the press has also been shortened. The results are faster job changes and less waste. The MIRAFLEX II Single-Port also offers the option of quickly and conveniently integrating an inline flexo or gravure application into the press design at a later date. Bauschulte: "All in all, the MIRAFLEX II Single-Port is ideally suited for short job lengths, with its compact design it fits into almost any production environment and can be quickly and easily expanded with extra printing modules."

There are currently more than 650 MIRAFLEX presses in operation at companies around the world, making it the best-selling flexo press in the flexible packaging market. “By offering both Single- and Dual-Port configuration, customers can choose which version works better in their production space and still have the W&H technology they trust," Bauschulte summarizes.