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Heavy Bridge Sleeves Easy to Handle on the NOVOFLEX II L 10

Demands on today’s package printers are tougher than ever. Shorter runs combined with increasing pressure on pricing challenge profitability. Fast job changeovers are a game changer for efficiency - but operators can have a difficult time, especially when handling large and heavy bridge sleeves. To address this, W&H developed new handling solutions on the NOVOFLEX II dedicated to machines with big print repeats.

Long print repeats and large print widths require heavy bridge sleeves, which are not easy to handle. In some countries, there are restrictions regarding the maximum weight an operator is allowed to carry on his own. W&H has, therefore, developed two new handling systems for the large-format NOVOFLEX II L that help the operator run the press easily. The NOVOFLEX II L can be upgraded with either the NOVOPORT M or the NOVOPORT ADVANCED.


The NOVOPORT M is a weight compensated manipulator installed on the motorized lifting platform. The semi-automated system is controlled by the operator, who determines the movement of the lift and the manipulator. Sleeves and adapters can be inserted easily from the sleeve cart into the CI section of the press.


NOVOPORT ADVANCED is a fully-automated sleeve handling system that operates with a "Kuka" robot. The robotic arm automatically retrieves the sleeves from a sleeve cart and pushes them into the CI section of the NOVOFLEX. All the operator has to do is select the correct program and start the process. The sleeve change is fully-automated.


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