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Technical Consulting: Temporary Changeover of Printing Machines to Water-Based Inks

The W&H printing experts offer technical advice on how printers can temporarily switch their machines, designed for solvent-based inks, to water-based inks.

W&H printing machines can be set up for both solvent-based inks and water-based inks. For a temporary changeover between the two types of ink, mechanical parts, for example, have to be adapted. The W&H printing experts now offer a free technical consultation for customers to discuss, which adjustments are necessary for their specific machine."We also give general tips on the use of water-based inks and on the efficient cleaning process between the change," explains Markus Bauschulte, Head of Technical Sales Printing at W&H.

Switching to water-based inks is currently an interesting option for many packaging printers due to the decreasing availability of solvents and thus the rising prices of solvent-based inks.

Interested in a technical consulation?

Please contact your W&H representative, who will connect you with our technical sales departement. Consultations will take place via video calls.

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