the IoT system by W&H

With our IoT system RUBY you can use your data to monitor, automate and improve your packaging production – or as we call it: Dig Data. Do Better.

Your Advantages


More effective: Higher productivity and better quality by intelligent improvement of parameters

More efficient: Less waste and downtimes by data-based error detection and alarms

More transparent: Production data is tracked and stored. It can be used any time and any where to optimize your value chain or claim management

More and more: Updates and new features are continuously developed and deployed


  • All W&H machinery along value chain in one system
  • Dynamic data sampling (up to every second) for higher data accuracy
  • Extended data visualization (max. 30 days) for increased traceability
  • Unlimited trends (up to 12 graphs/trend) and additional information (job number, order number, production status, roll number) for more detailed analyses
  • Improved security standards (firewall, encryption, VPN)

Product Information

Combine your data with W&H know-how

Uncover the hidden treasure in your packaging production: Data. RUBY is the IoT system to digitize your value chain. It is offered as a platform with various freely combinable extensions in order to provide you with an individually tailored range of functions.

Start now with RUBY Go and optimize your packaging production with our RUBY extensions RUBY Check and RUBY Track.

Technical Details

RUBY in detail

Technical compatibility

  • All W&H machines can be connected to RUBY
  • For machines after 2010 (Extrusion) and 2016 (Printing) no further hardware is needed


  • Server with pre-installed RUBY platform provided by W&H or virtual machine
  • Industrial firewall for connectivity to W&H Service
  • 2 hours of remote support included

Do you already know our new RUBY App?

Keep an eye on the production - no matter where you are.


One-Pager RUBY

RUBY is made for your requirements


  • Module Connect 4 Flow integrates other systems (like ERP / MES) for bi-directional exchange of job data
  • Data export function


  • Located in your own network
  • Control over data storage and access
  • State-of-the-art firewall


  • Plug & play software installation
  • Regular feature and security updates
  • Standard interface OPC UA

How to install RUBY

Visit the Technical Guidelines to learn more about how to install RUBY

For installation instructions