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Increase your machine performance with optional software modules by W&H

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  • Latest software modules for your machine – no additional hardware needed​.
  • Easy installation via remote access to the machine.
  • Choose from different packages to increase your production quality, machine availability and efficiency.

Product information

Increase your machine performance with the software modules by W&H

Software modules can help you and your machine to increase production quality, machine availability and machine efficiency. Our software modules can be used to optimize changeover, startup and purging operations. In addition preventive maintenance, supported by automated messages for upcoming maintenance and cleaning work, can increase your machine performance.

Choose from different software modules* for your printing machine​

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE​ – provision of maintenance and servicing instructions via the PROCONTROL monitor to reduce downtime.

​REPEAT-CONTROL (for REPEAT MONITORING)​ for measuring and automated tracking of print repeat length in the main printing unit during ongoing production, depending on the target print repeat length. The prerequisites for this are constant production parameters such as speed, web tension and drying temperature, and identical formats in the color decks involved.

EASY-REG D (for EASY-SET HD)​ register setting system for the VISION FULL line scan camera as a supplement to the EASY-SET HD proof printing system, for fast register setting of color decks via reference points on the printed image.

EASY-SET HD (for VISION)​ proof printing system for the VISION FULL line scan camera for high-precision and automatic adjustment of plate cylinders and anilox rollers via line scan cameras.​

EASY-REG M (for VISION ZOOM)​semi-automatic aid for fast register adjustment, displayed directly in the print image (head-up overlay), by "drag and drop" function from the print image, without special print marks.

BARCODE CHECK for barcode monitoring (for VISION) static barcode and 2D code verification with a matrix camera. ​

HAZE VIEW (for VISION)for an improved visual depiction of minor changes in the print result. On the VISION ZOOM display, effects such as tone and ink splashes are more clearly visible due to sharp color highlighting compared to the original display.

*Additional hardware may be necessary depending on requirements.

Increase the performance and availibility of your CONVERTEX or AD Plastic 2 machine with the PRO-PACKAGE​​

PRO-PACKAGE – recording and display on the machine terminal of:

  • process variables ​– data recording of selected functional units (e.g. sealing pressure and temperature, torques of all drive axles). Storage as .csv file for further processing and analysis.
  • machine incident​s – visualization of the incidents in tabular form and export function as .txt file for further processing and analysis.​
  • shift calendar and downtimes – shift calendar with batch counter and performance analysis. Shift calendar extension with visualization of planned and unplanned downtime.
  • maintenance intervals and work – display of maintenance scenarios according to manufacturer specifications, recording of maintenance work and operator instructions as soon as maintenance is due.​

Choose from different software modules* for your extrusion machine​​

PROFILE BOOSTER​– for faster format changes and start-ups to achieve increased production in the shortest possible time.​​

PURGE ASSIST​– software program for fast and effective cleaning of extruder and die head.

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE ​– ​increased machine availability through automatic messages about upcoming maintenance and cleaning work​​.

EASY CHANGE ​– ​automatic adjustment of relevant line parameters for shortest format changes and more efficient start-up processes.​​

*Additional hardware may be necessary depending on requirements.

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