Press Release


RUBY – New IoT system to monitor, automate and improve packaging production

Machinery manufacturer W&H presents RUBY, a new IoT system for digitizing the value chain in the packaging industry. By connecting digital data with process knowledge, W&H offers several possibilities for data-based optimization of the production process from increasing productivity to quality management. RUBY is offered as a standard platform with tailor-made extensions for extrusion, printing and converting.

RUBY offers a user-friendly interface, which displays all data and data services. “Since the 90s, W&H has had a central, digital information system called ISP, which many customers have used to collect and display production and process data. RUBY automatically evaluates this data and is the basis for additional digital services to further optimize these processes,” explains Wolfgang Hoffmann, Head of Extrusion Software Services at W&H.

According to the experts, the real value is derived from linking data and process knowledge. With the extensions, W&H offers enhancements for each specific type of machine. “As an example, RUBY supports extruders using algorithms to evaluate production data, analyze trends and define thresholds for good production, which the system then monitors for adherence,” explains Hoffmann. Then RUBY can link production data with quality data from the lab and downstream processes.

RUBY helps our customers maximize the potential of their production data. Using data to optimize process parameters enables more effectiveness though higher productivity and better quality. Data-based error detection and alarms translate into higher efficiency, less waste and less downtime. Production data that are stored securely and able to be used anytime from anywhere are valuable for damage control,” said Hoffmann. “Data are a valuable treasure in production – with RUBY we want to help our customers uncover their data.