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High growth rates in Vietnam are pushing Windmoeller & Hoelscher and its customers to boost production of PP tapes for woven fabric used in the sack production. The TIRATEX tape lines allow for lighter and stronger tapes with unmatched tenacity at highest elasticity levels. Combined with the new FILATEX DUOMATIC productivity is seeing significant increases as labor for the tape lines goes down and efficiency in the subsequent weaving process goes up.

FILATEX DUOMATIC precision cross winders, installed at W&W, Vietnam

With a potential annual GDP growth rate exceeding 5.0 %, Vietnam is considered to be one of the fastest growing economics in the world. A big portion of this growth comes from the industrial sector, aside from agriculture (rice and coffee) and tourism. Top manufacturing sectors are electronics, food and textiles. Vietnam is becoming the new manufacturing hub in Asia.

This growth trend has reached the woven PP industry which answers this with investments in state-of-the-art machinery to produce various types of sacks for packaging of cement, fertilizer, rice etc. Most recently, Trung Dong Corporation as well as W&W Co. Ltd. invested into modern TIRATEX tape extrusion lines with FILATEX DUOMATIC precision cross winders.

Company building of W&W, Vietnam

Mr. Tho of Trung Dong cherishes the performance of the TIRATEX tape line – supplying him with continuously high quality tapes for his sack production. The combination of excellent tape quality and high output is underlined by an unmatched high efficiency.

Mr. Tung of W&W also refers to the importance of the FILATEX DUOMATIC turret-type winders. “Aside from producing high quality tapes on the TIRATEX, the winders add their spice to the process by delivering beautifully consistent bobbins to my weaving section.” The bobbin change is done automatically and without any waste. The robust winders allow for highest winding quality and consistency over a long production time.

“Our tape lines are modular – what tape would you like to produce? We will tailor the line accordingly!” says René Winkler, Area Sales Manager of W&H “and our customers need flexible line configurations for a variety of products ranging from cement sacks to FIBCs, and all to be produced at highest possible efficiency.”

light and strong block bottom valve sacks, produced on W&H machines

“The latest generation of tape lines is of course also capable to run the light and strong fabric” adds Till Martens, a trend in the region which is setting off now. “There is no doubt that a lighter and stronger fabric sets the trend – any sector is looking to safe resources without sacrificing tape strength.” W&H tape extrusion lines can reduce tape weights by up to 20% without any compromises on the tape elongation and tenacity.

W&H has a strong sales and service network in Asia Pacific with Bangkok being its regional headquarters and with affiliated offices in the individual countries. Apart from a strong sales structure in Vietnam, led by Mr. Anh in the industrial packaging sector, W&H Asia Pacific is also offering the full range of comprehensive after sales service to the various customers.