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How to produce sustainable All PE Pouches with MDO technology

Today more than ever, the flexible packaging industry is challenged to deliver solutions for sustainable end products. Special requirements for sustainable films in laminates are monomaterialism, which means that the end product consists of only one polymer. In recycling, only monomaterial laminates can be reused due to the different chemical structures of the polymers, which are not compatible with each other when fused. The challenge now is how to produce a complete PE bag without using PET but without compromising its properties. It is well known that PET is responsible for the characteristic stiffness of a bag and ensures film transparency and heat resistance.

This is where the MDO stretching unit from W&H comes into play: this technology allows PE films to be stretched as solids. Due to the extreme tension created in this process, the MDO-stretched PE film is comparable to PET film in terms of its mechanical properties. Gloss, transparency and mechanical properties of the film meet the requirements of the downstream processes.

To learn more about how MDO works, watch the video.