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What makes the NOVOFLEX II the best press for printing most demanding jobs

The NOVOFLEX II was specifically designed for the flexible packaging market to print the most challenging jobs at the highest quality and top speeds. Even at 800 m/min., there is no bouncing due to the "Center Force" deck configuration in combination with new printing decks, which ensure maximum stability. The NOVOFLEX II works with the VISION technology - W&H's latest web inspection and monitoring system - to ensure full production control, highest quality and minimum waste during production.

However, the NOVOFLEX II is not only designed to set milestones in quality and speed: the level of automation is hard to beat, as is the ease of operation for the operator. With lifting devices for doctor blade chambers and ink pans, automated sleeve handling solutions and more job changes are safe and fast. The wash-up system, which is equipped with innovative electric pumps, is regarded as the fastest on the market and makes the press the ideal tool for efficient, cost-effective production. Have a look for yourself in the video of the NOVOFLEX II in operation.

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Discover the high-performance flexo press for the most demanding jobs in the market