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Propack Lebanon goes with W&H technology for a successful relaunch

Propack Lebanon, relies for the first time on W&H technology to resume production. The packaging specialist invested in a MIRAFLEX AM 8 flexographic printing machine with EASY-COL and a 3-layer OPTIMEX blown film line. With these new investments, Propack intends to further expand its flexible packaging market in the Levant region.

The packaging manufacturer Propack Lebanon is specialized in the production and printing of flexible packaging materials, laminated films, readymade bags, different types of labels and in addition to the production of lamination/shrink films, which are mainly used for diversity of industries (Food, chemicals, Sanitary etc..). The new company Propack was founded in 2014, but the Partners Joud Jouayed and Joseph Jouayed have been successful in the levant region for over 22 years now, having taken over their father's business which was established in 1960.

The team of Propack Lebanon with W&H support.

New start with W&H technology

After the loss of their first production site, the Jouayed brothers decided to not give up and go for a new start in Lebanon in 2014. They started rebuilding their production with a new sales office and label printing production. From the very beginning, it was clear to the brothers that they also wanted to rebuild production for flexible packaging. For the successful resumption of their production, Propack is now relying for the first time on W&H technology: "For our new start, we wanted to examine all options and machine potentials in the market," says Joud Jouayed. “Our top priority is to set ourselves apart from our competitors in terms of quality. After many discussions and soundings, we were convinced by the quality of the W&H machines, the service and the excellent support throughout the entire project.” In flexo printing, the MIRAFLEX AM 8 with the EASY-COL assistance system for optimizing ink use and correction were main drivers for their decision for W&H. Especially EASY-COL was the game changer: "With this system, we can guarantee our customers their colors while simultaneously increasing our production efficiency. Color matching is one of the most difficult tasks even for experienced operators. The EASY-COL system saves us a lot of time in this area. We were also impressed by the unique combination variety of the various automation and assistance systems such as EASY-COL or VISION," says Joseph Jouayed. Additionally to the MIRAFLEX AM 8, Propack invested in a 3-layer OPTIMEX for the production of their blown films in the future.

Beginning of a successful cooperation

The OPTIMEX and the MIRAFLEX AM 8 could already be set into operation in summer 2018. "We are very satisfied with the cooperation and felt well advised and cared for at all times - from the machine construction to the excellent machine training up to the running operation today. If problems arise, we get immediate help," says Joseph Jouayed. "Our father had always dreamed of operating a W&H plant. This was also a great wish for me. It was the right decision for us and we are very satisfied," Jouayed sums up. Further investments are planned.

Propack currently employs a total of around 120 people. Propack now has sales offices in Lebanon, and other levant area.