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High performance with Lifecycle Services

How Marduhar Industries improves its performance with the W&H Service Plan

The teams of Marudhar Industries and W&H discussing the good results of the Service Plan.

Service Plan for continuous improvements

Over the past 5 years, our customer Marudhar Industries has become one of the leading manufacturers of multilayer coextruded blown films and flexible packaging materials in the Indian market.
In 2018, Marudhar Industries decided to collaborate with Windmöller & Hölscher and invested in a customized VAREX II 5-layer blown film line.
As the VAREX II forms the centerpiece of production, it is particularly important to Marudhar Industries to avoid unplanned downtime and to constantly optimize production performance. In close coordination with the W&H team on site, they therefore decided to agree on a Lifecycle Service.

In order to prevent any machine breakdown and constantly work on the performance of the machine, Marudhar Industries decided on an individual Service Plan with four visits per year. The periodic visits of the W&H service technicians quickly showed positive effects: Impending problems and production downtimes are detected at an early stage and directly avoided by necessary countermeasures. Unscheduled downtimes could thus be minimized and production output steadily improved. "W&H Lifecycle Services are of great value to us. The preventive maintenance work helps to identify problems at an early stage and avoid unplanned downtime", reports Mr. Khatri, Production Head of Flexible Packaging at Marudhar Industries.
At the same time, the joint troubleshooting and practical coaching directly on the job increase the self-confidence of the operating and maintenance personnel on site and ensure professional use of the VAREX II.

The W&H Service Plan helpedour machine operators to become more confident through joint troubleshooting and practical exercises directly on the machine."
P. Lodha, General Manager at Marudhar Industries

Remote Service - the optimal add-on

For trouble-free production even beyond the regular service visits, Marudhar Industries decided for efficient remote support via W&H Remote Service in addition to the Service Plan.

W&H Lifecycle Services

W&H Lifecycle Services (LCS) have been developed to provide our customers with the best possible regular support throughout the lifecycle of their W&H machines, in order to maintain machine availability and productivity at a permanently high level. Two attractive Lifecycle Services are available to our customers:

A distinction is made between the W&H Inspection Plan, which focuses on regular in-depth checks of the technical machine condition, and the W&H Service Plan, which focuses on regular service visits to imple-ment continuous improvements. The individual visits and measures are tailored to the customer.