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24/7 Service Hotline

When machine problems occur, fast action is needed. This is why the Information and Diagnostic Center (IDC) is available around the clock to all W&H customers worldwide. IDC employees can successfully solve more than 80 percent of all machine problems via Remote Service from three locations. In particular the Remote Service enables comprehensive error analysis. In April, the IDC celebrates its 25th anniversary.

"Our 26 service technicians in the Information and Diagnostic Center are available to our customers day and night via our Service Hotline," explains Christian Brönstrup, head of the IDC. The caller can speak directly to an expert via the hotline: "If the customer has a question or a problem, we want to provide him with the best and fastest possible support," says Brönstrup. All experts in the IDC therefore have at least five years of field experience as service technicians and in-depth machine know-how. The permanent availability of the service staff is guaranteed by the "follow-the-sun" principle: Depending on local time, the caller talks to an expert from Germany, India or the USA.

The Remote Service enables comprehensive troubleshooting and analysis. For almost 10 years, W&H service technicians from the IDC have been able to connect to a W&H machine the other end of the world via the Internet using the remote function. With just a few clicks, they can look into the machine right down to the control and drive level after approval by the operator, thus identifying and correcting faults much more quickly. "With our comprehensive first-level support and especially via the remote function, we solve over 80 percent of machine problems directly, without the need for a service technician on site", says Brönstrup. "Successful Remote Service therefore not only saves time but also costs". When purchasing a new machine, the Remote Service is free of charge during the warranty period. However, the service can also be concluded beyond that via a service contract.

The IDC was founded in 1994 with the aim of providing the best possible customer support and processing all fault messages centrally. The history of the Information and Diagnostic Center began with the service hotline. In addition, in the following years, machines were equipped with modems to which service technicians could connect and thus start Remote Service. And the next development is already in the wings: In the future, remote diagnosis will be supported with live image transmission and the use of data glasses. In April of this year, the IDC celebrates its 25th anniversary.

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Christian Brönstrup

Division Manager Information and Diagnostic Center

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