Die Control Wizard with FILMEX II

Game changing touchless die control system for rapid product changeovers with up to 70% scrap and time savings

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Your benefits at a glance

Die Control Wizard

Why choose DCW:

  • Fully automatic format and thickness changes with rapid gauging for substantial scrap and time savings
  • Elimination of operator pre-adjustment of the die ensures ease of use and safety of personnel
  • Fastest and most reproducible profile control

Filmex II

Why choose this W&H machine:

  • Most consistent high quality film for optimum performance in the downstream process
  • Highest production efficiency through fully integrated automation
  • Machine designed for maximum product flexibility

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All about Die Control Wizard

Nowadays, manufacturers of flexible packaging are facing a wide range of challenges in the cast film extrusion business. In a highly competitive and dynamic market they continuously have to increase their production efficiency and quality. At the same time they need to react quickly in managing bigger film varieties and smaller orders to satisfy their customer’s needs. Hence, product changes in daily film production schedules become increasingly vital to secure the business and the ability to compete.

The problem is: Based on present machine technologies every product changeover involves manual die bolt adjustment of the cast film die lip at full output, until acceptable profile tolerances are achieved. Only then conventional automatic die control systems can be started. The procedure essentially needs highly skilled operators and takes long time, involving large quantities of scrap. Furthermore, even the best manual pre-adjustments bear the risk of producing inconsistent film qualities. In a nutshell: time, money and resources are wasted.

W&H’s DIE CONTROL WIZARD (DCW) is a game changing solution to erase this status quo. It allows fully automatic width and thickness changes in shortest time without any manual die adjustment needed. Being independent from the operator, the system hence ensures repeatable and consistent film quality. So it increases the flexibility and the efficiency of the machine, plus its ease of use at the same time!

  • Fastest changeover times give you the ability to react quickly and flexibly to your customer inquiries
  • Superior film profile control leads to excellent web and process stability
  • DCW offers potential for line speed increase, as well as for further savings due to reduction of edge trim losses

Compared with other systems DIE CONTROL WIZARD saves up to 70% time and scrap. E.g. where typically a thickness change previously took more than 30 minutes of manual adjustments with scrap involved, Die Control Control Wizard today performs the job in less than 7 minutes.. A complete width change from one production job to another can be performed within 20 minutes, where in the past this meant up to 90 minutes of manual work for the operator. FILMEX “ and Die Control Wizard (DCW) are hence providing significant additional revenue potential and contribute to a more sustainable production.

Our Partner

As a global leading manufacturer of extrusion and coextrusion dies, Cloeren Incorporated has been a valued partner in the development of the Die Control Wizard with its nearly 40 years of experience and expertise. Founded in 1980 and based in Orange, Texas U.S.A., the company has offices in North America and Europe and a global sales and service network in more than 50 countries on 6 continents.

Why Filmex II

The FILMEX II is based on a modular concept that enables optimal user- and product-specific configuration options, thus offering the greatest possible flexibility in product design. The development of the FILMEX II was driven by productivity, flexibility, automation and sustainability. Every component is designed to deliver consistent, superior quality film at top outputs.

Short start-up and changeover times reduce the use of raw materials and significantly decrease the amount of waste – while maintaining convincing film quality. The unique W&H screw design guarantees consistent and perfect melt quality. Feedblock, die and chill roll unit are seamlessly matched to each other and allow for optimum solutions when producing mono, multi-layer or nanolayer films.

The FILMEX II is equipped with fully integrated automation. The user-friendly, intuitive PROCONTROL TS user interface covers all machine components – from pellet supply to winder.

  • FILMEX II individually customizable to your specific customer requirements as a result of modular concept
  • FILMEX unique screw design provides excellent melt quality for all types of resins
  • Precise and reliable resin dosing ensures excellent single layer precision
  • FILMATIC II TC and FILMATIC PS winding technology ensures superior reel quality for best downstream processing


You can see our machines live at our Technology Center in Lengerich. Please contact your sales representative if you are interested in a live demonstration.

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Modular concepts for optimal product fits. Learn more about the FILMEX II.

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