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Boost your machine performance with optional software modules made by W&H.

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  • Latest software modules for your machine - no extra hardware needed​
  • Installation will be easy and can be done by remote​
  • Choose from different packages to increase your production quality, machine availability and efficiency

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Boost your machine performance with optional software modules by W&H

Boost your machine performance with software modules made by W&H. Optional software modules can help you and your machine to increase your production quality, machine availability and machine efficiency. With our software modules changeover, start-up and purge processes can be optimized.

In addition to this with our Preventive Maintenance module your machine availability can be increased by automatized messages for upcoming maintenance- and cleaning work.

The complete installation of these optional software modules will be done by remote. Our experts are looking forward to create an individual offer for you.​

Special offer for your software modules

Ask for your individual offer to increase your machine performance with optional software modules. You can activate the modules now and pay later.

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How it works

1. Our experts check your request and your machine’s specifications

2. We will create an individual offer​ for your machines

3. After acceptance, the software upgrade will be installed remotely by our experts at W&H​.

Choose from different modules* for your printing machine​

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE​ - providing maintenance and servicing instructions via the PROCONTROL monitor for the purpose of reducing down time.​

​REPEAT-CONTROL (for REPEAT MONITORING)​ - to measure and automatic tracking of the print repeat length correction in the main printing unit during running production, depending on a target print repeat length to be specified.​
The prerequisites for this are constant production parameters (speed, web tension, drying temperature) and identical formats in the color decks involved.​

EASY-REG D (for EASY-SET HD)​ - register set-up system for VISION FULL line camera for use as a supplement to the EASY-SET HD proof printing system, for rapid register set-up of color decks via reference points on the print image.​

EASY-SET HD (for VISION)​ - Proof printing system for VISION FULL line camera for high-precision, automatic adjustment of plate cylinders and anilox rolls via line cameras.​

EASY-REG M (for VISION ZOOM)​ - Semi-automatic aid for quick register-setting, represented directly in the print image (head-up overlay), by "drag and drop" function from the print image, without special print marks.​

BARCODE CHECK for barcode monitoring (for VISION)​ - Statistic Barcode and 2D Code verification using a matrix camera. ​

HAZE VIEW (for VISION) - for improved visual presentation of slight changes within print result. ​On VISION-ZOOM display effects like tone and color splashes becomes, by a sharp color highlighting compared to original presentation, more distinctly recognizable as a normal display would show.​

*Additional hardware may be required, depending on your machine

Increase your CONVERTEX or AD Plastic 2 machine performance and availability with the PRO PACKAGE​​

Pro Package - Recording and display on the machine terminal of:

  • PROCESS VARIABLES: ​Data recording of selected functional units (e. g. sealing pressure and temperature, torques of all drive axles). Storage as .csv file for further processing and analysis.
  • ​MACHINE EVENTS​: Visualization of the events in tabular form and export function as .txt file for further processing and analysis.​
  • SHIFT CALENDAR AND DOWNTIMES​: Shift calendar with batch counter and performance analysis. Enhancement of the shift calendar with the visualization of planned and unplanned downtimes.​
  • MAINTENANCE INTERVALS AND MAINTENANCE WORK​: Display of maintenance scenarios according to manufacturer specifications, recording of maintenance work and operator instructions as soon as maintenance is due.​

Choose from different modules* for your extrusion machine​​

MODULE PROFILE BOOSTER ​- for accelerated format changes and start-ups in order to achieve good production in shortest time​​

MODULE PURGE ASSIST​ - software program to quickly and effectively purge the extruders and the die head ​​

MODULE PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE - ​increased machine availability due to automatic messages regarding upcoming maintenance and cleaning work​​

MODULE EASY CHANGE - ​automatic adjustment of all relevant line parameters for shortest format changes and restart times​​

*Additional hardware may be required, depending on your machine.​

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