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Paper valve sacks with a high degree of moisture protection are a huge trend. When it comes to turning new concepts into a reality, the aim is to merge individual market and product requirements for the sack with an efficient production process. Benefit from the expertise provided by the market leader in paper sack production for your sack concept. We are on hand to help with every stage, from product analysis through to production.

While paper usually comes out on top of all other sack materials when it comes to economic efficiency and sustainability, plastic sacks are popular due to their high level of moisture protection. New concepts combining the benefits of a paper sack with increased moisture protection are therefore in high-demand at the moment. The challenge? To meet individual market requirements for the sack as best as possible while also ensuring that production is economically efficient. Yet, all moisture-protected paper sacks on the market have one thing in common: They are produced using Windmöller & Hölscher machinery. As the market leader in paper sack production equipment, we provide our customers with support that they won’t get anywhere else. We do this by applying our knowledge of individual market requirements and trends, possible sack designs and the best possible technology to create cost-effective production systems.

The market at a glance: The ideal sack for your requirements

To ensure a high level of moisture protection, various approaches can be applied or even combined. Whether you use shut-off valves, layers of film between or outside the paper, waterproof paper or a coating on the outer layer of paper, the ideal sack concept depends on what you’re putting inside the sack as well as the filling process of the sack and what the target market wants. Ideally, a new sack concept should combine the relevant market requirements with maximum production efficiency. At its in-house technology center and lab, W&H has tested an array of concepts for their performance and effects on the production process. Weather and climate simulations, filling tests to examine ventilation performance, and drop tests for sack strength provide us with a comprehensive view of the concept. Our experts apply this knowledge to help you through your development process. Working with you, we aim to make sure your sack design meets all requirements and can also be produced as efficiently as possible.

From a concept to a reality – Almost 100 years of experience in the paper sack market

Once you have selected your final sack design, you need to be able to rely on high-quality production – which is why you need the right technology. Depending on the design, this may depend on the finish of the film layer, for instance, or the application of the glue in the tuber and bottomer. And of course you also need the right equipment in the patch units. Ever since the valve sack was introduced almost 100 years ago, W&H has been producing paper sack machines. There is no other company in the world with such a wealth of experience in the implementation of sack concepts. As a result, we are able to provide the ideal machine for every requirement – guaranteeing cost-effective production precisely tailored to your requirements.

Are you developing an innovative paper sack concept and need the right machine to bring it to life? Then let us know!

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