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14.05.2021, India

The innovative film composition protects food quality and increases efficiency.

In these times of crisis, W&H discovered new possibilities & capabilities. The 2nd AQUAREX line, a state-of-the-art 9 -layer water quench line was successfully installed and commissioned completely by W&H India Service Team with only remote support from Germany.

With the 9-layer AQUAREX, Jayshri Propack is leading its way into the high barrier film arena and producing a wide range of water quenched barrier films delivering performance-driven solutions for food packaging. The multifunctional layers in a single film increase efficiency. Jayshri delivers high-end packaging materials, specialized for superior barrier properties, an important ingredient for food packaging increases the shelf life of products. The optical properties define a new standard of clarity.

The AQUAREX sets the benchmark for achieving a critical factor in handling food items – all applicable barrier properties (moisture, gas, and aroma) along with antifog, antistatic, and UV suitable properties.

“The 9-layer AQUAREX is redefining the arena of consumer packaging for contact food as well as non-food items. The new generation film - NINE+ as clear as glass increases the operational efficiency, enhances quality and convenience, extends shelf life, and improves overall functionality.”
- Mr. Ravi Hirpara (Director, Jayshri Propack)

About the Machine

AQUAREX turns blown film production upside down. It extrudes downwards and uses water instead of air as the cooling medium. The use of water allows extremely fast cooling of the melt, a low degree of crystallization, and an extremely amorphous film structure. The result is a film with a striking gloss, high transparency, and exceptional puncture and tear resistance.

AQUAREX thus opens up completely new applications for PE materials in the packaging sector and scores with its user-friendly handling.

More about Jayshri Propack

Jayshri Propack is a young but experienced dynamic family-owned company producing barrier flexible packaging. Jayshri has worked on a 360-degree approach gathering material knowledge, working regularly on new product development, and investing in world-class infrastructure. They specialize in multilayer barrier and high-performance films for various applications across the food supply chain, FMCG packaging, and other industries.

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