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14.05.2021, India

Creating a sustainable future with the co-extrusion coating line.

At Mewar Polytex, W&H installed its first co-extrusion coating line in India, the ECOTEX 1600 LC. The machine perfectly fits their requirement of high-end and challenging export jobs offering superior coating/lamination coupled with outstanding flexibility in terms of a variety of applications. With co-extrusion, they can achieve better and varied recipe formation required for multiple applications. The machine is packed with Vmax unwinder - facilitating automatic changeover at high speeds, and Gravimetric Dositex – to achieve desired homogeneous melt to prepare good quality coated fabric. It delivers high output on the main and co-extruder with specific recipes as well as material savings.

“We are determined to produce the highest quality jobs for varied applications. W&H has been an innovator and leader in extrusion for flexible packaging. Our investment in W&H machinery strengthens our vision to serve the industry with optimum quality and innovative products at the most competitive prices.”
- Mr. Sandeep Bapna (Managing Director, Mewar Polytex)

About the Customer

The foundation of Mewar Group was laid by Mr. B.H. Bapna, an engineer who returned to India after working in the US for 14 years, designing electrical control systems for spacecraft. The group is now being led by Sandeep Bapna, Managing Director, Sun Polytex, an associate company under the Mewar Group, is a world-class manufacturing company in India for wPP fabrics and its allied products.

Mewar group engages in the manufacture and selling of coated and uncoated high-density polyethylene/polypropylene woven fabrics and sacks in India and internationally. It also offers high-density polyethylene/polypropylene fabric. The Group has ambitious plans for the future and expects its production to grow through the inclusion of value-added products to serve the industry with optimum quality and innovative products at the most competitive prices.

“The ECOTEX 1600 LC is an outstanding machine developed with years of extrusion know-how available at W&H. With the outstanding material knowledge and experience combined with the latest technology from W&H, it will be a long-term success.”
- Mr. Saurabh Sharma (Assistant Manager-Sales, W&H India)

About the Machine

ECOTEX 1600 LC - Extrusion/Coating line is a market favorite from the stables of W&H, considered a knowledge powerhouse in extrusion technologies for flexible packaging applications. The 2-layer co-extrusion laminating machine for tubular and flat woven fabric combines the best European workmanship with state-of-the-art process technology. It is designed to produce coated fabric and high-quality laminates, including an unwinding unit for BOPP/ CPP-film or paper, featuring automatic roll change at full speed.

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